Make that Game!!

ORZ is a necessity for youth sports

I couldn't stand missing my son's games - and apparently 4 pm was a great time to start a baseball game during the week! Aside from random texts and phone calls there was no way of me knowing what was going on until I got there. After 2 years of complaining, I decided to make a change. A change that would use technology to connect parents, grandparents, siblings and friends to their significant athlete and their teams. An app that would actually pull us together in our support, love and dedication of each other in the fast-paced crazy world or youth sports. Welcome to OURREDZONE.....


OURREDZONE (ORZ) is an innovative program focused on strengthening communities through the power, pureness and excitement of high school and club athletics.


It's more than just an app...ORZ works to help teams share their games with friends and families who can't be at their games. Whether it's a parent stuck in a meeting, a grandparent out of state or a sibling away at college, the OURREDZONE app helps bridge the gaps.

The OURREDZONE program is totally free for fans. As a parent of high school athletes, I wanted to make sure we built something that benefited everyone without additional burden of cost or effort. I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do - and that it helps you follow at least ONE game that otherwise you would have missed!



Brad Jackson

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